Birmingham Muslim Foundation (BMF)

Thaqwa Masjid’s EID salat time: 1st Jamat: 7.30 AM & 2nd Jamat: 9:00 am.

Our Target is to raise: £1.2 Million l One Musallah: £250/00 | One Room: £2500/00 | One Door: £650/00 | One Window: £350/00

Birmingham Muslim Foundation (BMF)

Arabic Salam

BMF is a project of Mumin Aid Charity Reg. no: 1122896. 

Place of Worship Reg No: 82443.                      Place of Marriage Registration No: 44408.   

Radio Frequency Number: 4478625.

Education is the key to success in both worlds. In addition to our Madrasa courses, BMF is in the process of setting up the first-ever Muslim Through School, where students will be in the Islamic environment from nursery to the end of 6th form.

Front view of proposed BMF complex which will house:
Thaqwa Masjid, Thaqwa Madrasah, Thaqwa Through School, Thaqwa Nursery, Thaqwa PRU and Gym.
Capacity: Brothers Prayer Hall:  400              Sisters Prayer Hall: 300         Students: 452


1. Your sincere Du'as
2. Financial Contribution to raise £1.2 millions
3. Qard-e-Hasanah
4. Regular small payments

Today's Prayer Time

    Saturday, 31-07-2021 

    Begins   Jamat
Fajr:  03:35   04:30
Sunrise:  05:25
Zuhr:  13:19   13:30
Asr:  18:35   19:20
Magrib:  21:05   21:05
Isha:  22:13   22:30