Birmingham Muslim Foundation (BMF)

Arabic Salam


Place of Worship Reg. 82443             Radio Frequency Number: 4478625.

"With             the     blessing    of     Allah    (SWT) and  through      your    kind    prayers  and contributions, Birmingham Muslim Foundation (BMF),Thaqwa Masjid and Thaqwa  Madras were established on the blessed day of Friday 12th Rabi-ul Aww'al 1431 Hijrah/26th February 2010AD under the supervision of Hazrat Maulana Sheikh Abdul Aziz Saheb.

The site has an area of 0.67 acres(27.5 hectares). The premises consist of a three store yed building, providing a total accommodation of 6989 SQFT, and ad joining car-park. In addition to our community       services,there   are   225 young students and 23 adult students be in g taught by a staff of 19 dedicated personnel.

BMF is a multi-purpose English speaking institution which is located at the heart of the diverse-communities of Birmingham and serves people of every walk of life."

Today Prayer Times

Today's Prayer Times
    Thursday, 18-04-2019    

    Begins   Jamat
Fajr: 04:21  05:30
Sunrise: 06:03
Zuhr: 13:12  13:30
Asr: 17:58  18:30
Magrib: 20:16  20:16
Isha: 21:28  21:45