Thaqwa Community Services

We endeavour to serve the community without any fear or favour. Our community spirit is based on:

  1. The belief that humanity as a whole is one community, created in Jannah by Allah (SWT) and its final destination is Jannah. It originated from Adam and Hawa (AS).
  2. The whole creation is a family of Allah (SWT).
What When
Dawat and Tableegh Sunday/Monday
On request
Marriage Registration/Celebration/introduction As required
Advice/Counselling/Re-conciliation On request
Ladies Tajweed/lslamicclasses Wednesday Morning
Counselling for Distressed On request
Thaqwa Deposit Saving Scheme On request
Mediation On request
The Foundation Bi-monthly magazine
BritishMuslimFootball ClubBMFC Weekend
Ladies Tajweed/lslamic classes Wednesday Morning
Ladies Matrimonial and Counselling Service Regular on request.