Funeral Committee


Every soul shall taste death. After death, a person should be buried as soon as possible. Burial in the UK is very expensive. Average burial cost now in Birmingham is in the region of £4500/00.

Membership is open to all Muslims who are above the age of 18 years and live in the UK.

Members can contribute monthly, quarterly or annually through standing order or cash.

After a death has occurred the next of kin has the following options:

  1. Request BMF Funeral Committee to arrange for the complete funeral;
  2. Request BMF Funeral Committee to pay the funeral cost to their designated Masjid or funeral director.

In this event BMF Funeral Committee will pay the amount the late member has paid.


There are two types of membership:

1. Individual Membership 

2. The Family Membership

For details, please call Br. Saleh Ahmed on 07816 365 831.