Masjid is the corner stone of our society. Hence, Muslim community is masjid based. Masjid is the centre of all Islamic activities. Masjid brings the community together because it is a social and community centre. All the prophets and their companions built and maintained Masajid. Because it is the Masjid that connects the creation with the Creator. In addition to daily prayers, Jumuah, Eid and Janazah, following services are being regularly offered:

What When
Dars-ul Qur’an in English Sunday
Dars-al-Hadis in English
Bangla Programme Tuesday
Urdu Programme Wednesday
Religious and community guidance On request
Dawat and Tableegh Regular
Islahi Programme Monthly
Ladies Tajweed/lslamic Classes Wednesday Morning
Ladies Matrimonial and Counselling Service Regular on request